Stay Away from Air Conditioning, Stay Away from the Pump

Exorbitant gas prices have most drivers trying to find any way that they can to decrease their fuel expenses. Luckily, there are several very easy ways that the average driver can limit their car, truck, van or SUV’s gas usage. Most of these methods rely on simple changes made by the driver in particular, and will not cost you any money to enjoy their benefits. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

By: Eric

First of all, do not waste your money on spendy items and products that boast increased gas mileage after usage. After all, most of these products are very unproven. The Environmental Protection Agency has not found that any of the products tested so far have significantly increased gas mileage for the vehicles they were used in. That is why when you are looking for ways to improve fuel efficiency, you should look to methods that you can easily take advantage of on your own, without having to rely on costly products or gimmicks in the process.

One of the easiest ways to conserve gas is to simply avoid turning on the air conditioner in your vehicle. Most people are already aware that when the air conditioner is on, the engine seems less responsive and powerful. It may even feel a little sluggish, because your car is working hard to power the air conditioner. Not only does the air conditioner affect your engine’s performance, however, but your vehicle will also get worsened gas mileage if you drive with the air conditioner on as well!

The solution is fairly simple and predictable: try to avoid using the air conditioner in your vehicle, unless it is absolutely necessary. This may lead to a somewhat less comfortable environment in your car, but … Read the more